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'Duck Dynasty' shirt banned at school for being 'threatening'

A Virginia high school student was told to remove a "Duck Dynasty" shirt because other students saw it as "threatening."
A&E Television Sued Over 'Duck Dynasty' Camo Clothing (Exclusive)

- 2 days ago @ Si Robertson's favorite color has set off a trademark lawsuit. read more



'Duck Dynasty' star to speak at Care Net banquet in Waco

Waco Tribune-Herald: “We all needed a good laugh,” explained Deborah McGregor, CEO of Care Net Pregnancy of Central Texas, when asked why the organizaton invited Jase Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” to speak at this year's banquet. “After last year's Boston bombing and the ...

Duck Dynasty Not Canceled: Robertsons, Cast Re-Up For 2015 Season

Duck Dynasty cast members are returning for another two seasons — at a minimum. According to Alan, Phil Robertson’s eldest son, the redneck clan from West Monroe, Louisiana signed a contract through 2015, according to Shreveport Times. Just when you thought Si Robertson’s tea had dried out, Jase’s witty narration

Apple, Hershey, Duck Dynasty: Intellectual Property

Bloomberg: Hajn LLC of Ft. Pierce, Florida, sued A&E in a Florida federal court July 22, claiming that A&E's “Duck Dynasty” reality program infringed the “My favorite color's camo” trademark. According to court papers, Hajn registered the phrase as a U.S ...

‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 7 Premier Has Phil Robertson Feeling ‘Trapped’ [Video]

Duck Dynasty Season 7 is still mostly a secret despite A&E having so much leaked information that we could hear the quacking from the across the pond. But now Phil Robertson’s family is starting open up about their experiences in filming the opener episodes for the next season and some locals even caught them on

Duck Dynasty Is Back! A&E Signs The Robertsons Through 2015

With waning ratings and continued controversy surrounding the Robertson family, Facebook fans were beginning to worry that, less than a year after Phil Robertson’s GQ fiasco, Duck Dynasty might be over for good. But Alan Robertson has been kind enough to inform Twitter followers that his family will continue filming for at least one more year. Duck […]

Duck Dynasty Clan Supports Relative Zach Dasher In Election Bid

On Thursday, Zack Dasher launched his campaign to become the next representative of Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District in Baton Rouge. Dasher is the nephew of Phil Robertson, star of famed reality TV series Duck Dynasty. Robertson is backing his relative in the race. …

'Duck Dynasty' stars signed through 2015

Shreveport Times: “Duck Dynasty” fans worried about an end of the series, which will come at some point in the future, can rest easy for the time being. The Robertson clan is signed, sealed and delivered for another year of shows, according to Alan Robertson, the eldest ...

TV Q&A: ZZ Top song rocks 'Duck Dynasty'

Dusty Hill, left, and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top recorded “Sharp Dressed Man” in 1983 and it hit No. 56 on the Top 100 Billboard chart. It’s now used on some versions of “Duck Dynasty.”



'Duck Dynasty' Headed to Congress?

WebProNews: The Ducky Dynasty gang won't be taking up congressional seats in their camouflage attire, long beards, and bandannas. However a member of their family is hoping to do just that–sans the attire. Zach Dasher, who is in fact a member of the Duck Dynasty ...

‘Duck Dynasty’ Headed to Congress?

The Ducky Dynasty gang won’t be taking up congressional seats in their camouflage attire, long beards, and bandannas. However a member of their family is hoping to do just that–sans the attire. Zach Dasher, who is in fact a member …


'Duck Dynasty' Cancelled? Willie Robertson Talks Ratings Drop, Duck

The Inquisitr: “It was episodes that we did before 'Duck Dynasty' and they were on the Outdoor Channel. Korie's hair is a different color, beards are a little shorter, the kids are certainly a lot younger; it's still fun. A&E's been airing these little clips ...

Willie Robertson Blames Abysmal Duck Dynasty Ratings On Summer Season Could the Facebook backlash to Phil Robertson's controversial GQ interview have resulted in the demise of Duck Dynasty? This season, the show has encountered abysmal ratings, which have been blamed on everything from anti-Phil sentiment to boring ...

Wet Willie: Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Takes On The Ice Bucket Challenge Say what you want about the cast of Duck Dynasty, the famous bearded reality stars really are good guys at heart. This is especially true of the super popular Willie Robertson. Willie is always eager to help out with important causes — and ALS is no ...

Willie Robertson takes the ice bucket challenge [VIDEO]

Willie Robertson takes the ice bucket challenge.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Cancelled? Willie Robertson Talks Ratings Drop, Duck Commander Plans

Critics have long been claiming we’ll see Duck Dynasty cancelled by A&E due to the rapid fall in ratings, but Willie Robertson believes the contorversy isn’t all it’s quacked up to be. Willie also discussed some of the plans for Duck Commander. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Duck Dynasty Season 7 is in


'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Raising Money For Jews In Israel

The Inquisitr: Duck Dynasty may have become controversial due to Phil Robertson and his GQ interview, but that does not stop the family from trying to do good in the world despite the protestations of critics. In fact, Phil and Alan Robertson will be lending their ...


'Duck Dynasty' relative Zach Dasher qualifies to run for Congress

Zach Dasher, R-Calhoun, and his family speak to the media after he qualified to run for Louisiana's 5th Congressional District on Thursday in Baton Rouge. Dasher is the nephew of "Duck Dynasty" star, Phil Robertson. (Cole Avery, | The ...

'Duck Dynasty' relative Zach Dasher qualifies to run for Congress

There wasn't much fanfare, camouflage or duck calls when Zach Dasher qualified to run for Louisiana's 5th Congressional District on Thursday in Baton Rouge. Dasher, R-Calhoun, left his famous family members -- the Robertson's of the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty"...


Willie and Korie Robertson talk 'Duck Dynasty' ratings decline: It's just the

Fox News: Declining ratings and various controversies have people asking if the end of the Robertson family's redneck royal reign is in sight. But Willie and Korie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” told FOX411 their time in the spotlight is far from over. “To some ...

‘Duck Dynasty’: A&E Slapped With Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over Camo Colored Clothing

Duck Dynasty is in a spot of trouble after a lawsuit was filed against A&E for trademark infringement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it all started when Uncle Si made a comment about loving camouflage. “My favorite color is camouflage” he said, and that saying made its way on to shirts of all kinds. The


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