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'Duck Dynasty' shirt banned at school for being 'threatening'

A Virginia high school student was told to remove a "Duck Dynasty" shirt because other students saw it as "threatening."
Sadie Robertson: It's an 'honor' to be compared to the Duggar family

- 5 days ago @ "Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson likes being compared to the Duggar family.

Dancing With The Stars
Liam Payne


'Duck Dynasty' recap: Customer returns faulty duck call

Fox News: While there's no denying the “Duck” guys make some of the best calls in the business, not all of their customers are satisfied. In a “Before the Dynasty” flashback scene from 2009 in last night's episode, the Robertsons revealed they receive at least ...

‘DWTS': Sadie Robertson Could Beat Alfonso Ribeiro Using Liam Payne And ‘Super Mario Bros.’ [Video]

Sadie Robertson isn’t the best dancer left on Dancing with the Stars, but don’t be surprised if the Duck Dynasty star’s quack attack ends with a Mirrorball Trophy win. Alfonso Ribeiro might be the most talented dancer on the show, but Sadie doesn’t need to have the fanciest footwork to prevail — she has Liam ‘DWTS': Sadie Robertson Could Beat Alfonso Ribeiro Using Liam Payne And ‘Super Mario ...

Mario, Peach and the Nintendo gang bust some moves on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Last night on Dancing with the Stars, Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas took to the dance floor dressed as Princess Peach and Mario to get down in the Mushroom Kingdom. Press play above to watch the duo dance to a remix of Nintendo's iconic chiptunes soundtrack and then be joined by Mario's green-clad brother and his Toady companion.

WATCH: Adorable Duck Dynasty Star 'Super' Sadie Robertson Dances Her Way

Western Journalism: As much as TV screens around America were filled with disturbing images of violence and destruction in Ferguson Monday night, there were also uplifting scenes showing exceptional talent and cause for joyful celebration. “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie ...

'Duck Dynasty''s Success Is Entirely Based on Selling a Fantasy

The New Republic: A&E's “Duck Dynasty” premiered only two short years ago, and in that time has spawned a merchandising empire: “Duck Dynasty” video games, “Duck Dynasty” office supplies, “Duck Dynasty” bedding,“Duck Dynasty” nail polishes (shades include “Orange ...

One Direction's Liam Payne Surprises Sadie Robertson at 'DWTS' Rehearsal

Choreographed dance had been a boy band staple until One Direction hit the scene. Liam Payne explained why performing dances would be a bad idea for the group when he dropped in on Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson's Dancing With the Stars rehearsal. NEWS: Complete List of DWTS Winners "I'm so happy we don't have to dance, because we've seen -- with the boy bands -- the rehearsals you have to do ...

Sadie Robertson Dances With One Direction's Liam Payne and Freaks Out!

"Is this real life? Are you kidding me right now?" Sure, Sadie Robertson may be competing in the Dancing With the Stars finale tonight, but she's still just a teenager. One...

Fox Business Network

Fox News: SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome back to “Hannity.” "Duck Dynasty's" seventh season kicked off on A&E this past week. And now the most-beloved bearded man in America is working on a brand new project, a musical. And earlier, my friend, Willie Robertson ...


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Waco court's chief justice gets big reaction to hair-raising 'Duck Dynasty' look

Waco Tribune-Herald: And no, the 58-year-old didn't grow his beard to a luxurious 8 inches and allow his hair to sprout unimpeded for eight months because he idolizes the stars of TV's “Duck Dynasty.” (Although he did get to meet Jase Robertson during his visit to Waco in ...

DVD Review: Duck Dynasty: Duck the Halls

Inside Pulse: The one thing Lionsgate and A&E have figured out when it comes to Duck Dynasty is that you can release a handful of individual, themed episodes on one DVD and people will eat it up. Fans of the show will buy all the t-shirts, etc, thus individual DVDs ...

'Duck Dynasty': Sadie Robertson Reveals Her Opinion On The Duggars

Hollywood Life: While the rest of the world is cringing over the Duggar family's alleged anti-gay beliefs, 'Duck Dynasty' star Sadie Robertson thinks it's so 'cool to be compared to them.' Her family is also conservative and Christian, so she thinks the Duggars are ...

Duck Dynasty Combined With Tower Defense

AndroidGuys: Activision wants to join the party on tower defense craze and the huge company has chosen to take a spin on the ever so watched show, Duck Dynasty. You take the role of the Robertsons and defend their Louisiana land and Miss Kay's fine baked goods.

The Duck Dynasty men mix kilts and camouflage in visit to Scotland 'the birth place of duck hunting'

The Duck Dynasty men were in Scotland recently and with predictably hilarious results.

One Direction: Liam Payne shows support for Duck Dynasty star

Fans of One Direction star Liam Payne will no doubt recall that he got into a row with American blogger Tyler Oakley a few months ago after Tyler objected to Liam tweeting about how much he enjoyed reality show, Duck  ...

The Duck Dynasty Family Made a Huge Announcement

The family, which is the star of the “ Duck Dynasty ” reality show, is very public about their Christian values. Instead of hiding their views, the group has tried to be open and unapologetic even when they are in the spotlight.


Sadie Robertson: It's an 'honor' to be compared to the Duggar family

Fox News: "When we began 'Duck Dynasty,' we weren't starting it for fame," Robertson told FOX411 in March. "We started it to get the message of God out there...I think people use fame as an excuse to lose their faith. Faith is obviously my number one priority ...

Sadie Robertson: It's an 'honor' to be compared to the Duggar family

"Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson likes being compared to the Duggar family.


TV highlights: 'Duck Dynasty' returns for Season 7 on A&E

Washington Post: (All times eastern). Following last week's dramatic departure of two contestants from the competition, the remaining chefs on “Hell's Kitchen” (Fox at 8 p.m.) are challenged to create Indian-inspired meals and then face a group dinner competition later on.


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